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Friday, May 22, 2015

MYNTRA is the MANTRA of doing shopping !

You may be a man, women, a student, an office goer, a professional or a business personality. Every one of you has to do some shopping, regularly or once in a blue moon. But do you have enough time to go to the market, shop to shop, brand to brand, selecting the products of your choice, with a big wallet and on a strict, no return basis ?

The time has changed a lot as you don’t have the precious time, any more. Now you just require a Smart phone and the Myntra App loaded in it. If you have it, you can start your shopping anytime, anywhere.

Now you can do shopping from your home, office, car or even a bullet train. Now you can shop from your bedroom or dining room. Now you can shop from a playground or a burial ground. Now you can shop while under a shower or  in the swimming pool. Now you can shop privately with your wife, with your Girlfriend or even with your  Ex one. You can shop while sitting in between your family members or from the private corner of your home.

Myntra offers Fashion and casual lifestyle products. It has  over 2,00,000+ Styles and 1,000+ bestselling Brands i.e. the largest collection of the latest fashion and lifestyle products in India!

Just download the Myntra App on your smart phone & that’s all. No need to carry cash. No need  to hold the big and heavy carry bags. Just do your shopping using Myntra App & pay via smart money & the pack is sent to you at the designated place with a warranty to return / refund in the prescribed time limit.


Remember, this is the wonder world of smart phones & those not using mobile apps are the outdated personalities. Now, you have to decide whether you are an outdated personality, who still want to go to the crowded market places for shopping and that too at the exorbitant prices or an upcoming great personality who can shop from anywhere, any time and that too at the discounted prices.

Come on ! Have MYNTRA in your smart phone. I am selling it at no cost to you. I am offering it absolutely Free.  Just have it. Download it and start using it.  Myntra is now App Only. It has shifted to the sales via Myntra App, only, as this is the present trend of the market worldwide. Join this bandwagon for a true fashion experience. Remember, MYNTRA is the MANTRA of doing shopping in the present world. It’s the fashion. It’s the lifestyle. It’s the latest trend.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Airtel App to your rescue !

In the present scenario, almost everyone has, more than a single mobile connection & generally one is pre paid & the other one is a post paid one. Similarly, almost everyone has a DTH connection to view various programmes on TV channels. A large population is also using Broadband for the regular business and other activities.

Till date, it was quite difficult to manage all the above, life style connections. We had to go to the store to make the payments of our post paid bills or for the recharge of our prepaid smart phone connections. Similarly to renew the Direct to home connectivity or normal broadband connection, we had to again visit the stores. Many a time we could not visit the store on time due to other important engagements & many a times had to pay the late penalty. It was quite a normal feature for all of us.


But we are pleased to note that Airtel has launched its Mobile App for smart phones. As Airtel is one of the Major players in all these sectors, it has a large base of customers too. All the Airtel customers can now download this app & can do everything as mentioned above, very easily, whenever free.

Truly speaking, we can do much more with this App. We can check our usage, track our requests as well can buy any of the new products. We can also add our family members by using this app.

The 3 key features that best suit to my lifestyle are as below :

I am a very busy person and generally don’t have the time to go to the store to make the payments of my mobile bills, dth as well broadband connections. As a result, it is a regular feature that I have to pay the late fees as I am never on time. By using this app, I can save that late fee that I usually pay every month. Moreover, I can be tension free as it is now very easy to pay the bill or to recharge.

Secondly, I am a good user of the internet. I have a 25 GB Airtel connection at the speed of 8 MBPS. But while using the broadband, I generally can’t keep a track of my usage. This results into expiry of my usage limit,  that converts the speed of 8 MBPS into the worst. That period is the worst period for me as either I have to bear with the situation or have to pay more for extra load. It is very difficult to continue working on your broadband connection if your speed is lowered from 8 MBPS to 512 KBPS. But now, with this Airtel App, I can keep a track of my usage and can plan my activities accordingly.

Thirdly, many a times we get the problems of non working of broadband, slow speed of internet or a common call drop problem on our mobile handsets. We generally complain and forget as the work continues, though at a slower speed. By using the Airtel App, we can keep a regular touch on our issues & can be helpful in resolving such issues at the earliest. Moreover, we can renew the DTH connections also using this mobile App & can be free from any family problem that may arise due to non working of DTH. Moreover, we can get regular amazing offers through this Airtel App.

my plan

Therefore, every one of us must download the new Airtel App immediately. The details of this Airtel App can be viewed at :  We can also promote it by tagging @airtelindia with the hashtag #MyAirtelApp.

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