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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hangout with Honda

Hang out with the Honda Jazz at the Buddh International Circuit was a great fun. It was a double excitement for all of us as we were invited to drive the new Honda Jazz and that too, at the India’s Formula one racing tracks at BIC.

The biggest product comeback of 2015 looked quite impressive. The features of the new car were explained to us by none other than the V Channel VJ, UD. We came to know that it had a fuel  efficient 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine along with the potent 1.2-litre petrol mill. The new hatch will have the City's 6-speed manual transmission and will be paired with the 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel.

The fuel efficiency of the Honda Jazz with a diesel engine is said to be 27.3 Km/l where as Honda claims that the petrol CVT delivers 19 Km/l, while mileage claims on the manual are at 18.7 Km/l. Honda has made certain changes in the dimensions of the car which is slightly longer by 55 mm and wheelbase marginally up by 30 mm.

We were offered the two versions of Honda Jazz i.e. the Automatic one & the manual. The combination of Honda Jazz as well the BIC had filled the utmost energy in us. In the meantime, BIC team explained us about the risk factors of the Formula one Track & instructed us with the do’s and don’t. They requested us to follow the guidelines very strictly as they had over 50 cams at various locations to keep an eye on us.

We selected our model  & soon we were driving Honda Jazz at the Formula one Racing arena at the Buddh International circuit at Greater Noida. We had the comfort, space, technology, power, mileage and innovation in our hands. We were almost flying on the tracks at various speed levels to enjoy the ride. It was a great fun. It was amazing.

We had a chat with Mr Katsushi Inoue, President & CEO of Honda Cars India Ltd. Even he was very eager to explain us about the new technology. Please view a small video covering the entire event with Honda Jazz at the Buddh International Circuit.

Hangout with Honda

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Explore 360 degrees With All New Live-In Virtual Tours

Property search has been constantly reforming itself in India’s rapidly rising housing needs. While you are out there trying to judge home listings from online pictures and reviews, CommonFloor has made a smart hike by incorporating a new technology; Live-In Virtual Tours. Read on to know more about this exciting new feature from the housing giants.
The Complete Property Experience
It is true that buying a house has been too cumbersome of late. CommonFloor has been making constant improvements to make property search and purchase, an easier process with a detailed and refined apartment-vendor database. Live-In virtual tours are a new milestone that sets CommonFloor apart from other property services.
When you are trying to judge houses based on the pictures provided in listings, they do not always give you the whole picture. This can be a double-edged sword as you might end up missing out on some hidden perks the listing has or even overestimate the listing. The new live-in virtual tour is revolutionizing the established system, by cutting out all loose ends. This provides for a complete property experience.
360 Degrees Panoramic View
You can now access the live-in virtual tour for FREE at the CommonFloorwebsite, and more listings are readily being mapped out aboard this functionality. The live demo can be started by clicking on the Explore 360 button. The experience is literally similar to actually checking the house out in person, only from your personal computer.
There are playback controls that let you sit back and tour the entire house automatically. Use the mouse and navigational controls to stop and look around by panning. There are hotspots for every room in the house that you can click in your view to enter and explore. Alternatively, you can check out the rooms, balconies, and bathrooms, listed on a left panel in the screen.
Accessible On Multiple Platforms
This first-of-its-kind virtual tour feature has focused on the rental, resale, and new properties perspective. Given the penetration of mobiles in the real estate and sales market in India, CommonFloor has developed this virtual tour to be accessible on desktop/laptop web browsers as well as the CommonFloor android app.
If you’re visiting the CommonFloor website for the first time, then know that very soon, you can even access this feature on mobile browsers.
Virtual ‘Realty’
It has to be noted that listings with live-in virtual tours receive 30 percent more inquiries. So if you are looking to sell/rent out your house, it is a no-brainer to add a virtual tour to your CommonFloor listing.
Decision making on buying houses has never been easier. CommonFloor facilitates smarter decision making with this breakthrough. Explore over 5000 properties with a 360 degree live-in virtual tour and find your dream home with ease.

Raj Nagar Extension turning into Bottle-neck due to Mismatched Growth rate

Raj Nagar Extension is Ghaziabad’s rental capital. Majority of the projects on National Highway 58 in Ghaziabad are developed specifically to meet the rental demands. More than 24 well-established builder groups and developers have coalesced together to tap the opportunities of Raj Nagar Extension. In a bid to develop the corridor as a major transport hub, developers have already starting working on extending the boundaries of the already existing Raj Nagar area in Ghaziabad. Playing on the marketing strategy of offering ‘affordable’ homes, the rental market in Ghaziabad may well spiral out of control if the trend continues to feature only small-scale units.

Here’s a rundown on the trends and challenges that the rental market in Raj Nagar Extension is experiencing.

-          Limited 2 BHK and 3 BHK options
The major rental challenge in Ghaziabad is the lack of spacious home options. Most projects are developed with 1 BHK or 1 RK style. Some industrial units are pushing the market towards voluminous Studio apartments. The trend is likely to reverse in short time as leading building group Ajnara India Limited announced a mega project involving only 3 BHK units.

-          Quick possession raises doubts
In less than 2 year’s time, almost 9 projects have already been completed in Raj Nagar Extension. Rated as the cheapest real estate in Delhi and NCR, the locality is now home to over 3000 first-buyer families and over 4000 individual tenants. The mixture of family and bachelors make the area, mini-Noida. But the major hurdle is the way possessions are declared. Mot projects suffer from extensive lack of infrastructure, poor lighting systems, water failure and plumbing issues. Non-existent societies and lack of connectivity with the main roads have turned some projects into garbage yards.

-          Big issues in commuting without solutions
Unless you have a vehicle of your own, commuting across Raj Nagar Extension towards Gurgaon, Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida is extremely difficult. Despite being project as the next mega-transport corridor, the locality has fallen behind in terms of road connectivity and public transportation system. The proposed METRO line will take more than 3 years by current projections. The buyers who have rented their homes are facing the wrath from the tenants due to hurdles in travelling. Women and school kids are facing maximum troubles.

-          Rowing Pollution and loss of greenery
Built around the HINDON River basin, Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad was a green belt jsut a couple of years ago. Today, it has turned into decadent pollution basin. Rents are moving up at the same price as the pollution levels. The ground water has dwindled by few units as well. Despite its proximity to Indirapuram and Vaishali, the water issues in Raj Nagar Extension may become more serious in coming days once permanent residents begin to occupy the units.

-          Very crowded on Weekends

Raj Nagar Extension is surrounded by other mid-scale housing localities like Sanjay Nagar, SehaniKhurdas and Vikas Nagar. On weekends, the area becomes very crowded despite having wide-spread roads and parking spaces.

With developers offering attractive discounts, your dream home may be well within your reach now

BENGALURU | NEW DELHI: Banking professional Nikhil Kumar had been hunting for a house in and around Noida for over two years but everything seemed expensive. Like others, he had hoped that by holding off long enough, prices would drop and his dream home would be within reach. The slowdown in the real estate market did just that.

Kumar recently bought a two-bedroom house in Noida Extension, where prices have come down 8.3% to about Rs 3,300 per square foot from Rs 3,600 per sq. ft. in January 2014.

"Builders and brokers are willing to negotiate better deals today, which was missing some time back," he said. In Bengaluru, IT professional Farooque Sait latched on to the opportunity to buy a second home when he saw prices decline by about 5% over the past two quarters in the Yelahanka area.

with thanks : economictimes : LINK : for detailed news.

The best areas to invest in Delhi-NCR

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular fads which have been followed by many Indians. Indians who invest in property feels it is a safer option and also assume thatthey might yield them more money even while reselling them.

Among the major metropolitan cities in India, the properties at the capital city are always on the rise. New developers such as Shobha Developers, Tata Housing, and Chintals are looking to develop some great projects to cater to the taste and style of the buyers.

Read on more to see the top areas in Delhi, NCR where you can look for investments.

Long time ago this sleepy town was once not a popular one among the developers. Now, it is one of the growing towns bordering Haryana on NH-8. The already developed area is over 3,347 acres with another 3,000 acres which is now in pipeline for extension. There are about 2500 small, medium, tiny, and large industries which includes MNC. There are also all types of industries like automobiles, textiles, printing, cables, steel, garments, food processing, and so on. Some of the popular names include Kajaria Ceramics, Gillette, and United Breweries.

The price range is still affordable in this place and is anywhere between 25 lakhs to 31 lakhs which was about 24 to 29 lakhs back in 2009. These are the prices for 2BHK and the three bedroom kitchen apartments are available for 34 to 39 lakhs which will be anywhere between 1320 to 1520 square feet. Meanwhile, Independent villas are quite costly.

New Gurgaon and Dwarka Expressway
This place has been considered by potential buyers because it is close to the international airport and Dwaraka Expressway, which is also known as Northern Peripheral Expressway where they would be an 8 lane expressway soon. It is been developed by HUDA at a budget of Rs.120 crore.

The current rate of the place is anywhere between Rs.3500 and Rs.4500 per square feet for a mid-segment projects. The luxury premium projects are priced between Rs.5, 500 and Rs.6,500 per square feet. The prices are just half when compared to Gurgaon and is a right time to invest as well.

Yamuna Expressway
This area is 165 km long in the Yamuna Expressway which connects to Greater Noida to Noida with Agra. The growth was phenomenal here because of the rapid industrialization in Greater Noida which also hosts a lot of educational institutions.JaypeeInfratech who is the promoter of Yamuna Expressway has acquired the right to develop real estate over 6.175 acres. They have planned to bring give integrated township which will be spread across 500 hectares.

Besides Jaypee the other developers in the region include Supertech, 3C Company, Ajnara, Silver Sands Estate, Nimbus, Orris Infrastructure, and SDS Infrastructure.

A lot of commercial and new residential projects have sprung in this region which has now caught the attention of potential buyers of the region. It is located 25 kms from Delhi, this one provides an affordable housing.

The city is filled with industrial giants and it has access to Gurgaon and Greater Noida apart from just Delhi. These are important factors which make the investors choose this destination. Faridabad has many ISO-based industries, MNC's, and medium to small scale manufacturing units. It is said that the property prices may go up because of the metro-rail link.

There was a small pause in 2008 - 2009 where the real estate prices were not at the best and post that there is a steep rise.Due to this increasing demand there more than 1 lakh newly launched apartments in Delhi-NCR

Most of these projects are targeted to mid - income group people who dreams to have their own house and at the same time in the metropolitan city.